• Xe quét rác Citymaster 16501 Xe quét rác Citymaster 16501

Xe quét rác Citymaster 1650

Citymaster 1650

  • Low consumption and emission values
  • Efficient hydraulic attachment drive
  • Spacious cabin, increased ergonomics at the workplace
  • Full LED lighting system plus LED work light

Xe quét rác Citymaster 1650

The Citymaster 1650 has been designed for all-season application to provide maximum flexibilty and economic efficiency. In months with fewer sweeping tasks or when the sweeper can’t be used at all due to bad weather conditions, the machine offers additional application options such as

Sweeper with 2- or 3-broom systems

As a professional sweeper equipped with a 2- or 3-broom comfort sweeping system, the Citymaster 1650 not only provides perfect cleaning results: Our patented circulating water system offers maximum dust control to ensure clean exhaust air and lowest possible particle and fine dust emissions, which is a clear benefit for both the operator’s health and the immediate surroundings.

Xe quét rác Citymaster 1650

winter services
various applications in the field of grounds- and road side greenery maintenance
intensive yet gentle wet cleaning of heavily soiled areas

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